Friday, August 09, 2019

Take a Pounding: Take 7

A Parody of Ezra Pound's Parody of the Ancient Anglo-Saxon Poem, "Cuckoo Song":
Pound the Whinger!

Whinger is a-coming in;
Ezra sings, "Cod-damn!"
Cats do drop and dogs do plop
By heaven's hellish hound,
And Ezra sings, "Cod-damn!"

Skittish buss or sloppy buss,
They shiver quick his timber!
But limber sounds like limper, suss,
And Ezra whines, "Remember?"

"Cod-damn, cod-damn!"
Belts out Pound,
To counter whinger's hound.

Sing cod-damn, Pound!
Sing cod-damn, Pound!
Sing cod-damn, Pound!
And Zippy the Pinhead asks, "Are we effing there yet?"

And I say, "I think so."



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