Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A NoZe for Satire: Question and Answer with the NoZe Brotherhood

NoZe Brotherhood with its Homecoming Float

Most readers know that I attended Baylor University as an undergraduate and that I joined an anti-fraternity fraternity known as the NoZe Brotherhood, which was recently (September 6, 2017) asked by the Baylor Line Foundation about the role of such a 'fraternity' at Baylor, and what follows is part of the answer offered by the NoZe:
We view ourselves as a gadfly, sitting on the wall observing all of Baylor. Sometimes a story pops up or a comment gets traction, and like flies to honey (or honeys to someone's fly), we go straight at it, making a fuss, drawing attention, and starting a conversation. We don't always have solutions, and we don't think that's our role either. Simply put, we seek to be a loud, obnoxious voice among many on campus. Often we consider our opinions and views to be the best ones and many times that isn't the case, but so long as we maintain this outlet of nonsense and satire we will continue spouting off and spurning the administration[, as we have been doing for several decades now, apparently] . . . . The view that current Brothers have of the past is shaped by the legends, folklore, and police reports that have been passed down from generation to generation from Exiles (alumni). Every Homecoming we'll have a couple trickle in, having escaped the confines of their hospice care, and they'll regale us all night about "the good ol' days." Since we started our underground resurgence following the alleged bridge burning back in the 60s, our approach has roughly stayed the same: get kicked off [campus], hide for a while, come back quietly, build up our confidence, become arrogant, and get kicked off again. We imagine this cycle will continue for quite a while, at least until the icecaps melt and the oceans die.
The rest of the response is too long and integrated for excising by Gypsy Scholar, so go and read it already, at this place online: "A NoZe for Satire."



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