Monday, May 15, 2017

Teachers' Day in Korea

Lecturing on the BBB

I received a Teachers' Day email from a student who took a leave of absence last semester due to a severe case of the flu and is still recuperating:
This is one of your Korean students at EWHA . . . . I was a student who used to ask soooo many questions during class and after class. Unfortuantely, because of my cold [i.e., severe flu] I had to go back to my home last year. And I'm still at home for a break this year.

Though, I couldn't finish my College English last year, I really wanted to thank you that being so nice for teaching me English. You are the best English teacher ever!

I also introduced your book to my Canadian English teacher and my aunt! They love your book!! One day, I'm also going to read your book too! Even though my English writing is still poor . . . I hope you could understand how much I loved your English Class!

Have a great day! And HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY!
I had no idea that I'm such a great English teacher, but this student says I am, so I must be. Moreover, she's spreading word of my BBB book! I'll have to let her know of my poetry book . . .



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