Saturday, May 13, 2017

A literary opinion from a man whose literary judgement I respect . . .

Michael Butterworth
Savoy Interviews

Carter Kaplan sent a copy of my poetry book, Radiant Snow, to Michael Butterworth, who wrote back to Carter with these kind words:
The book arrived on Tuesday — I forgot to acknowledge. Thank you very much. It's nice to have something else of Jeffery's to read. I'm a big fan of his sense of the ridiculous, the eternal, the questing soul, the existential acceptance of our lot. Very Carrollean, Rabelaisian. There are love poems too!
I hadn't thought of my writing as Rabelaisain, but I am, quite consciously, Carrollean in my writing. Anyway, thanks to Michael for his appreciation of my poems.

The other writing that he obliquely referred to as having appreciated was my Faustian, Bottomless Bottle of Beer story.

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