Saturday, June 04, 2016

Timothy Garton Ash on Free Speech

Timothy Garton Ash

Okay, I'm back from my long poetry break - a break for poetry, not a break from it - and I'm ready to assume my usual role of spokesperson for free speech.

I see that Timothy Garton Ash has also spoken out for free speech by publishing Free Speech: Ten Principles for a Connected World, which NYT writer Tom Rachman tells about in an article titled "Timothy Garton Ash Puts Forth a Free-Speech Manifesto" (May 22, 2016):
After the murders at Charlie Hebdo last year, the public intellectual Timothy Garton Ash - once a dashing foreign correspondent, long since a scholar amid the spires of Oxford - issued an appeal to news organizations: Publish the offending cartoons, all of you together, and in that way proclaim the vitality of free speech.

"Otherwise," he warned, "the assassin's veto will have prevailed."
Apparently, the terrorists prevailed . . . or maybe not, given Ash's book, and especially his website.



At 4:43 AM, Blogger Carter Kaplan said...

I read this yesterday, and I still don't know how to respond.

At 6:44 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

It's a tough call. I'd need to look further into his free speech site.

Jeffery Hodges

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