Monday, June 06, 2016

David Ignatius on the "boring" Islamic State

David Ignatius

First, another 'David' - David Kenning, a British counter-radicalization expert - gives us the lowdown nitty gritty on the Islamic State:
"They're rotten at governing . . . . The word on the street is that their caliphate is boring." And these days, it has become a dangerous place, too. Kenning thinks the best approach is to gradually pull the Islamic State apart - by exploiting the fault lines among those fighting under its flag.
David Ignatius ("The Islamic State feeds off Western Islamophobia," Washington Post, June 2, 2016) provides the Kenning quote and perhaps the remark about the IS being "a dangerous place, too," but dangerous for whom? It's always been a dangerous place for its enemies. I think Ignatius means that it's become a dangerous place for its friends, the jihadists, not only because it's losing territory as the jihadists lose battles, but because the IS is becoming paranoid as it loses those battles, so the fault lines are being set in motion.

What are these fault lines? Not the least of these are the divisions between foreign fighters from different nations as these foreign fighters soon start to turn on each other in distrust over who has betrayed the Islamic State.

Well, we'll see . . .

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