Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Daddy-Long-Legs "does not . . . care for girls"


Mrs. Lippett informs Jerusha that the 'long-legged' trustee "does not . . . care for girls."
"This gentleman has taken an interest in several of our boys. You remember Charles Benton and Henry Freize? They were both sent through college by Mr. - er - this Trustee, and both have repaid with hard work and success the money that was so generously expended. Other payment the gentleman does not wish. Heretofore his philanthropies have been directed solely towards the boys; I have never been able to interest him in the slightest degree in any of the girls in the institution, no matter how deserving. He does not, I may tell you, care for girls."
Yet, he 'likes' Jerusha. Well, she's something of a Tomboy . . .



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