Saturday, January 23, 2016

Planet 9 from Outer Space!

Planet 9

According to aerospace writer Marcia Dunn, "New Evidence Points to Giant 9th Planet on Solar System Edge" (ABCNews, January 20, 2016). Astronomers have gathered evidence for the existence of a ninth planet and are calling the Neptune-sized monster "Planet 9," rather than "Planet X" - the letter "X, not the Roman numeral "X" - because the latter reeks of "aliens and the imminent destruction of the Earth." As one can see from the artist's rendering above, Planet 9 is head and shoulders above Pluto in size and truly is from outer space, for its revolution around the sun requires between 10,000 and 20,000 years. Remarkably, to my eyes anyway, the distant planet looks as though it could support life . . . or maybe not, not life as we know it, more like death, though not death as we know it either. Some scientists want to attempt contact with the planet, but other scientists are more leery of 'aliens' that might lurk in such dark regions of the universe, and these wary scientists do not like the looks of this Planet 9 from outer space.



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