Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Some EWIS Feedback . . .


I received some feedback from a student who took my EWIS course, and her words are a 'virtual' advertisement for the course:
EWIS Gll is the best course for a student who has a definite content and a specific goal of writing. 1:1 tutorials with the professor, who usually checked an overall flow of a draft as well as concrete details and subtle nuances of words and expressions, were very helpful to upgrade the quality of the draft. Even when a student had an ambiguous direction, the professor helped to develop the idea by giving some guidance of where to get started, how to approach, and whether the idea had a logical flaw. It was a huge advantage not to force students make an outcome in a particular format but to manage a student to write for herself on her necessity. I am preparing to apply for a master's program in the United States, and with the professor's help I completed the three versions of my statement of purpose and CV in the classes. Other students also wrote for their fields and interests and the professor counseled each student and gave her guidelines. In such a process, the students could realize their understanding of their field or interests, and learned how to make a persuasive argument. As for me, I earned a clear concept of writing, for applications that the institutions wanted, by the professor's guidance, and could develop a strategy for each of them. If I had not taken this EWIS GII course, I would have been in chaos, not knowing where to start my writing and how to complete it. In this sense, I think that it was very fortunate to have a chance to take this course, and thanks to that, I could go one step forward to my goal.
Maybe I should spend a bit more time on grammar, but I think what I do is a far better use of time, and I thank the student for her implicit understanding of that.



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