Friday, July 31, 2015

Lake Scenes and Bottle of Beer

We went for a walk around Salem's city lake yesterday, and Sun-Ae took some photos, which I reproduce below and which offer close-ups by clicking on the photos, respectively.

Here's a photo of the lake from a small wetlands area fed by a tiny creek behind us and therefore not visible in this photo:

Next is a peaceful shoreline scene:

You see in the photo below some local wildlife (several geese and a duck, but I can't make out the duck as I post this), though these fowl don't seem especially wild:

The lake has a dock, but whether for small boats or just fishing, I don't know:

Here's a view of the lake showing its length:

After the lakeside's arduous march without provisions, we stopped by at my brother Tim's place, where I enjoyed a small bottle of the devil's brew:

The drink would appear to be obscurely hinting at the possibility that it offers a 'bottomless' bottle of beer, but there was - fortunately for me - a bottom to this bottle.

I therefore had another . . .



At 11:46 PM, Blogger Kevin Kim said...

Some philosophers think that the summum bonum is the Infinite, but perhaps the best things in the world are finite.

At 11:59 PM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

As a finite creature myself, I am by force of circumstance inclined to agree.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 12:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like a special brew from Boulevard. They were a small craft brewery in KC when I first imbibed their selections. I have not tried this particular brew though. Here is the synopsis of it from the brewery website -

"”Do you know what dwells in a glass?” asks Ole, in Hans Christian Andersen's The Watchman of the Tower. Better known for stories such as The Little Mermaid, Andersen wrote this short, cautionary tale for a somewhat older audience. Our quadrupel ale, also meant for the mature connoisseur, is a deep and mysterious libation, dark auburn and full-bodied, its sweetness deceptive. As Ole describes the glasses in turn, their contents become more ominous until, in the sixth glass..."

Maybe you should send them your "Bottomless Bottle of Beer" novella?


At 12:27 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Thanks, Jay. Maybe I should send them that story!

Jeffery Hodges

@ @ @

At 3:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Salem Lake" trivia contest!

(Don't worry ... whenever I use the term 99% of folks - especially in Salem for whatever reason - ask some variation of, "Who?")

What was the name ascribed to the featured lake originally? (Although it wasn't actually so-called, until after the family which first occupied the A-Frame house moved across the ferry.)


At 5:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No clue HD - I am having trouble just trying to picture where Salem Lake is. Is it out by the current fairgrounds?


At 6:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jay, you and yours are well I hope?

Yes, between the current fairgrounds and 62/412. Or the 270° quadrant from the 0/45° quadrant I'm about to be on for thirty cans of refreshing beverages.

Can I give clues or what? !!!


*Hint #2 - While at Baylor our host was a member of a smallish group tending toward pranks.

At 7:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the month of our Nation's birthday, the city of Minneapolis and Cecil, the recently deceased King of the Jungle had something in common.

*Hint #3 - It is, they are.


At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bonus but only where the *Hints are concerned. Minneapolis, Cecil and July 9th.


At 1:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Northernmost office of the offices bloc at the time of Leslie's Shoes, at the time of the dam construction people of Fulton called any such earthen barrier to the natural flow of a creek "a pond."

*Hint #4 & Final - 5th letter of the English alphabet, the phonic sound of a long second of "the string" of vowels.


Last Bonus → Though all the clues/Hints are structured to point in the same direction, the modus of each is somewhat different.

One "History" - One "Phonic" - there's another modal but that one (and it is my hope this last mentioned is the one used for the solution .. as it'll require the tech-savvy youth to cooperate with those "old people" because the solution isn't solving steganography rather, it's solving by cooperation generationally.

Well. There may be "something" of the stenography method but it was my aim to construct it so the youthful couldn't get to it without engaging the somewhat elders but at the same time the somewhat elders couldn't be bothered to bother without the more youthful "interesteds" to be so.

Recall "somewhat elders" no remote for the TV asking parents "What does this word mean?"

And you Youngers observing, "Ooh I can't believe how these old people don't know/get it?"

Fortunately for me except for my arthritis I've always been Peter Pan so I'm well aware there's always these inconsistencies I'm always trying to navigate. Those chronologically-abled to want to join Scatman Crothers in a Twilight Zone game of Kick The Can ... either or not so luckily as those who chose to play Kick The Can ... I'm personally distant enough not to care much. Neither affirming or whatever's the opposite if only because I realize ... "Fun" is getting to be an increasingly difficult commodity to come by these days.

I remember a time sitting across from my Grandmother attempting a Jig-Saw puzzle atop a table that wasn't a table until it was taken from the closet and the legs until pulled from underneath and extended downward wasn't actually a table to have "Fun" on - rather something to trip over acquiring a bloody-nose which Grandmother fixed without the assistance of a 911 call, a trip to the ER perhaps a SWAT-team showing up, "removal-by-the-State" probably some counseling .. then after some period of intercession by some overworked Judge getting to see your parents again - possibly your Grandmother serving six-months depending ... if under direct supervision of the State and no Jigsaw puzzles were within one-thousand feet of a schoolyard or a church, provided Grandmother was to serve 100 hours of Community Service then "put on a list" ...

I digress.

However - aware I've in all likelihood "hurt some advocate group's agenda, offended an LGBTEIEIO whatever, and on the offchance PETA" I of course will flagellate in whatsoever manner.

But I would still say, "Youth, cooperate - insofar as the State may allow - enjoying "Fun" with your parents/relatives." There's only so much time.


At 7:51 PM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

HD, I don't have much computer time, except for this iPad, which I find hard to use, but I can manage to type out that I do think you process information differently than I do - though I suspect that I also process differently than most people, myself.

The key to thinking well is learning to use your weaknesses to your advantage. This, anyway, is what I try to do.

Jeffery Hodges

@ @ @

At 4:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps Jeff.

All the answers were in the 3:49 AM comment before the following Clues and *Hints.

July 9th? That's one of your very own posts.

Minneapolis and Cecil? ... Both had *Appointments with a Dentist* ... The guy who had the A-Frame built originally; was professionally a dentist. First syllable of his last name rhymed 'NoZe' ... Doc .. NoZe

Also from that 3:49 comment "the family moved .. across the ferry" Now where would possibly be a ferry? 270° [to a chain-guy might've worked for a surveyor *might've* surmised ... If one must travel 0° for refreshing beverages which the chain-guy knows is North but - somewhere there must [have been] a ferry ... 45° gets the chain-guy to Saddle, 90/180° in the direction of Forty-Four (Piney Creek, but there didn't take a ferry) so 270° + a ferry = +/- Mountain Home of simplified, Norfork Lake wouldn't a chain-guy looking at his compass surmise?

At this point we have NoZe, and a dentist & family who had constructed an A-Frame .. the only one I'm aware of in Salem .. then moved to Mountain Home.

The 7:35 comment "confirms" what we Sherlocks could only at this point surmised correct? But then there's that *Hint#3

*Hint#2 We Sherlocks are certain that is NoZe? Are we? How can that be isolated .. perhaps by the way the 6:06 AM comment (excluding the *Hint) is constructed - again there's that word "constructed" - perhaps that is a clue[?]

Everything at 3:49 is singular correct? A percentage is singular is it not? But at 6:06 while the reply to Jay is a comment mentioning multiples (plurals) there's only the singular thing pointed to which is a "location" ... do we remain in agreement?

7:35 - I hope Jeff you've at least figure my modus - I don't know what you do Jay to earn your daily crust - "Noze" has some essence of the particular about it might we agree? So. How might we differentiate the 7:35 post as compared to both the 3:49 and the 7:35? The foundation is laid on rock I think.

The question one must be forced to ask, is a family that have moved via a ferry an "are" or an "it"?

Pause. Don't cheat and look in the Mountain Home phonebook. The guy retired. Never shot a lion either now we've long passed that bit of obfuscation - can't say definitively and definitely not under oath not knowing if he ever did a dentristy thing in Zimbabwae.

1:16 PM *Hint #4 & Final: notice that separation ____________?

Fifth letter of the alphabet is E and it's a long E.

"NoZe Are EEE"

Bob Nosari DDN moved to Salem and set up shop next to Leslie's Shoes. He and his wife Robin and their two young daughters purchased some bit of land across from Harve and JD Gleghorn's across north of the south side of Highway 62 location now occupied by the welding shop.

Nosari engaged Owen Langston to put up a little dam originally intending there be a smallish catfish pond. The "dozer operators" Clifford (Bish) and Cotton (Harold) *enjoyed their competition* so much piling up dirt for the pond's dam one or the other (neither claimed the credit & I'll Never tell how it "probably happened" a pretty sizeable *rock-slab* got moved) and the small pond turned into a lake.

*Some other slight consequentials* and that's how & why the sawmill that once occupied the near proximity of where the Gleghorn Brothers Market is now replaced caught fire several years earlier finally got extinguished as the water backed up requiring a bigger damn dam, a swimming pool and tennis courts so far as I know nobody plays tennis on and there was a building when it got snowed on the roof collapsed.

Mine and Jeff's hometown noby I'm pretty sure would ever claim we ain't always been future thanking (only thing is when there's some kind of emergency or something - everytime I call ... Professer Jeff is in Korea.

Damned suspicious if you ask me.

At 8:21 PM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

I used to call the place "The Dentist's Lake" because my Grandma did. I had forgotten the dentist's name was Nosari, but one of my brothers reminded me before this game started. I maybe should have let you know, but I thought Jay might be working on the clues.

Jeffery Hodges

@ @ @

At 9:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks HD and Jeff. I never would have gotten the clues as I do not remember any dentists in Salem, especially one name Nosari.



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