Monday, February 23, 2015

Biggie Train - Craft Beer in Daegu

Sorry to have missed blogging on Sunday - we were without internet connection in Jeonju.

Here are the photos from Saturday night, taken at a craft beer place in Daegu called "Biggie Train." I drank an India Pale Ale that the bartender said was supplied by Craftworks Taphouse, and the brew did taste like the IPA I've had many times there, but I'll need to check with Dan Vroon to make sure since there might have been something lost in translation, for the bartender spoke no English. Anyway, here I am drinking that IPA:

Sun-Ae drank a different beer, as can be seen in the next photo:

Sun-Ae's brother and his wife also enjoyed a brew:

I wish I had more time to write, but the evening is passing quickly by this Monday back in Seoul . . .

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At 7:12 PM, Blogger Kevin Kim said...

Incredible. A place in Korea with no Internet connection.

Anyway, welcome back to Seoul, and good luck with the upcoming semester.

At 7:40 PM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Well, they claimed to have internet connection via Wi-Fi, but it worked only if you held your device up high outside the door.

Or so they said.

We tried in the main office, too but still got no connection, so we were suspicious . . .

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nope Jeff. This time I've not taken to my keyboard chiding you for drinking beer out of a "fancy glass."

It's that last sentence;

We tried in the main office,

I echo Kevin, "good luck with the upcoming semester."


At 11:02 PM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

We appear to disagree on the grammaticality of that sentence, but I suppose I can spell it out rather than just write informally: "We tried to connect to Wi-Fi in the main office, too, but still got no connection . . ."

Note the addition of a missing comma after "too." That missing comma was the real error in that sentence.

The first sentence also had a problem: "but it worked only if" should be "but said that it worked only if."

I could then delete "Or so they said."

There's a lot to change, but that's the beauty of proofreading.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 12:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The glass, then.


At 5:05 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

I had no choice in the use of the glass, but at least it wasn't a Belgian Tulip of the sort used in the BBB, or Mr. Em might already have absconded with my sole soul.

Jeffery Hodges

* * *

At 9:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The good life! =D

At 4:39 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...


Jeffery Hodges

* * *


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