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Foreign IS Fighters Banter Cruelly About Sex Slaves

Muthana Tweet on Yazidis
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In Special Dispatch No. 5833 (September 3, 2014), Memri reports that "French, British IS Fighters Discuss Use Of Yazidi Women As Sex Slaves." Memri first offers some context:
During its takeover of large parts of northern Iraq in the summer of 2014, the Islamic State (IS) captured many Yazidi villages, and reportedly took many Yazidi women to be sold and used as sex slaves. Chatting on social media, foreign IS fighters have bantered about the issue and discussed various points of the Islamic law regarding slavery. Their discourse reveals that, according to their understanding of these laws, Muslims may own and sell non-Muslims as slaves, especially women, whom the master may use and even rape as he pleases.

A Facebook discussion on the matter was launched on September 3, 2014 by a French IS fighter named "Abou Jihad," who is in Syria and is one of the main propagators of IS materials in French.
Now that we understand the circumstances, let's read what these heroic, manly, holy warriors have to say about sex slavery - and as not to quote too much, I'll post only the French jihadists' remarks (translated):
French IS Fighters And Supporters On Facebook, September 3, 2014

Abou Jihad: "350 dollars for the Yazidi girl in Mosul if you want LOL" [...]

Abu Selefie: "I heard there were slaves in Raqqa is it true?"

Abde-Rahman: "I saw it was around 180 dollars per slave LOL"

Abou Muhammad: "You have revived a tradition"

Abou Jihad: "Yes I heard brothers say there are some in Raqqa as well [...] 180 dollars must be [the price] for the ugly ones"

Abde-Rahman: "LOL I am laughing so hard"

Shinobi: "LOL And how much is it in spare parts? Check and see if you can get kidneys or livers there is demand."

Dawla: "What are the slaves for? Is it like your wife but without a marriage contract?"

Amine: "If they become Muslim are they freed?"

Abou Jihad: "It's not really like your wife, they can be used for intercourse [the writer uses a vulgar French expression for sex], you make her work in the house, and you send her to work at your parents', stuff like that."

Cara: "If she becomes Muslim it seems to me that you don't have to free her. It's obligatory if you have a child with her..." [...]

Dawla: "You can have children with her?"

Cara: "Yes but . . . she would then be free." [...]

Abou Jihad: "It's the child that is free, not the woman (if she is not Muslim)"

Mehdi: "Personally does not sound appetizing [...] I prefer my future wife rather than a dirty slave."

Dawla:" So you can be intimate with her without a marriage contract? And you can have more than one?"

Abou Jihad: "Yes [...] they are idolaters, so it's normal that they are slaves, in Mosul they are closed in a room and cry, and one of them committed suicide LOL and Yes I have 350 dollars LOL" [...]

Abou Selma: "And what if the slave refuses the intercourse? And what if your wife refuses to let you have intercourse with the slave?

Mehdi: "Wow those are good questions..."

Dawla: "Women are so jealous, they will never agree" [...]

Abou Jihad:" A woman that stays at your house and that doesn't want you, after a while she will crack, she will have to have sex with you. And also the slaves are scared of the mujahidin so they feel that they have to LOL"

Abou Selma: "Second question: what if your wife refuses?"

Abou Jihad: "She can't refuse [...] It's a tradition" [...]

Mouhamad: "I have 3500 dollars to spare, I am going to buy 10, who wants one?"
The word "tradition" - which I have bold-fonted and underlined - means that the use of sex slaves is Sunnah (or "well-trodden path"), specifically, that Muhammad and his fellow Muslims used sex slaves and that having slaves for sex is thus acceptable.

As for these jihadis, just consider their level of 'humor,' the quip by Shinobi, for example: "[H]ow much is it [i.e., the slave girl,] in spare parts? Check and see if you can get kidneys or livers there is demand." Or Abou Jihad's use of LOL to laugh at a Yazidi girl who committed suicide rather than be used as a sex slave. Or his LOL to laugh at the enslaved woman so frightened that she accepts being raped.

And I always thought real men were supposed to protect women . . .

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