Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Let's try Google Translate!

I'm still thinking about what to say in my keynote address since I don't know Korean but have to say something about translation . . . so I'm thinking, maybe Google Translate can help, so let's see:
Let's try Google Translate!
Google Translate renders this in Korean as:
의 구글 번역 해보자!
Let's see what Google Translate does in rendering that into English:
Let's Google Translate!
Now, back into Korean:
의 구글 번역하자!
And back into English:
Let's Google Translate!
Ah, have we reached stasis? Behold:
의 구글 번역하자!
Why, yes, we have!

Thus, "Let's try Google Translate!" means "Let's Google Translate!" -- and "의 구글 번역 해보자!" means "의 구글 번역하자!"

If only Sun-Ae and I had used this Google helper in translating Yi Kwang-su's novel The Soil!

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