Saturday, February 22, 2014

Korea's Love for Frozen . . .

The brilliant art critic Moon So-young gets what's wrong with Frozen:
We have already seen these factors[, i.e., catchy music, exquisite images generated by cutting-edge computer technology and independent female protagonists,"] in another Disney film, "Tangled" (2010), which many say is better organized at least in terms of the plot than "Frozen."
As I told my daughter after seeing the film with my wife and son, "The plot is a mess!" She saw the film anyway, but then agreed with me -- as does Moon, who proceeds to find cultural reasons for the film's great success in Korea . . . but I won't belabor the points that Moon makes in her article, "'Frozen,' not 'Tangled,' breaks the ice in Korea" (JoongAng Ilbo, February 21, 2014)

Go read for yourselves.

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