Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Five-Star Amazon Review of The Bottomless Bottle of Beer

A good two weeks have passed since my English Lounge reading from my novella, but the ripple effects perdure. A bit more notice. A few more sales. One online acquaintance was apparently thereby enticed to read it -- and reported back:
Kudos, Jeffery, on a very enjoyable and thought-provoking read.
Another acquaintance, my old Russian history professor Wallace L. Daniel, wrote me to say:
This is wonderful . . . . I have seen the illustrations, following them through the links . . . , and they certainly entice the reader. Also, I am glad you still find [the] Bulgakov [novel] appealing, especially since it is such a favorite of mine.
Moreover, another five-star customer review appeared on the Amazon site:
I read this book with much trepidation since I knew that the writer, a scholar of history and religion, would not/could not write a book without 'some meaning.' I was right! The novella contains many many allusions to Milton's Paradise Lost, biblical figures, historical facts and knowledge of good beer, the really good kind. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the novella because of the quirky characters and eloquent sentences that helped to mitigate my panic of being an ignoramus in biblical studies and Milton. By the end of the novella, I really wanted that bottomless bottle of beer, which I am certain, was not the author's intention. I think I would like to read it again upon more self study and perusals of some of the allusions Dr. Hodges used to get more out of this very meticulously written, but still good read of a book.
The reviewer writes as if an acquaintance of mine, but I can't quite place who this individual might be. I'll have to ask around.

Anyway, I've been hearing only positive remarks, though there will surely be readers who don't like my story . . .

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