Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Hard Copy of My Own Fiction Book Has Arrived . . .

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Terrance Lindall

About two weeks ago, I ordered a copy of my story, The Bottomless Bottle of Beer, from Peecho Publishers, and the book arrived yesterday, Friday the 25th of January. The pagination runs to 84 pages, but the software that paginated the book is a bit off, for the last page number ends on the back cover, and page number "39" is absent, though no page itself is missing. That will need to be corrected sometime. So also will the placement of the first Cyrillic quote from Dostoevsky, which belongs under section heading number one on page 6, not under the Latin quote from The Brothers Karamazov, a position to which it somehow migrated. Finally, on page 83, which presents my bio, a couple of words somehow got jammed together in two or three places.

These things happen in every publication, so this isn't surprising, but normal instead. To err is human, to forgive, divine . . . which is sort of what my story is about. Grace over Law. But that's a theme, however central, that I don't explicitly stress. And I'm giving away no key here -- hermeneuts will have plenty to argue over as to the meaning of my little fable.

Anyway, there's a great sense of satisfaction to holding one's own book in one's very hands.

I intend to use it with my son, En-Uk, in our English lessons in hopes of making a reader out of him. He at least likes the illustrations by Terrance Lindall, so those might assist in sustaining his interest in the story and thereby keep him to the task of reading the text itself, dense though it may be.

Thus far, everyone who's read the story has liked it. Some of you might recall readers' remarks in an earlier blog post. More recently, a colleague read it and emailed me to say, "I read your story and loved it!" The tale is thus getting favorable responses, but time will have to pass for word-of-mouth to began pushing sales . . . if that should happen at all.

But you can help, so spread the word . . .

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