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The Bottomless Bottle of Beer: Williamsburg Circle Bookstore

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My novella can now be ordered at Peecho Publishers through the Williamsburg Circle Bookstore, an outlet maintained by the Williamsburg Circle of International Arts and Letters, an institution with a certain sort of intellectual mission:
The Williamsburg Circle of International Arts and letters is a program of the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center (WAH Center). The Circle serves as a hub for discussion of new ideas about diverse subject matters. It is especially keen to point up intersections in areas of study that on first glance appear to be contradictory, especially in the areas of art and literature.
Some may recall that I'm a member of this circle organized by Terrance Lindall. New York being rather distant from Seoul, however, I've not yet made any of its meetings, but I hope that my novella contributes to discussion of those contradictory intersections in art and literature since it brings together my attempt at literature and Lindall's art of illustration.

The bookstore offers a link to the previously noted preview, which allows one to view Lindall's illustrations and read my text for 32 of the 85 pages. There's also a link to a video ad done in hardboiled detective style to publicize the novella.

For readers who may have missed earlier posts with excerpts, here's the opening scene:
The world sometimes just declines to cooperate with my good intentions. I had been drinking a bit more than my wife thought reasonable for my health and our pocketbook, and after a close encounter with a breathalyzer that I managed to confound by sheer dint of will, I bowed to her legalistic position on laws against drunk driving and even agreed to stop drinking altogether. I didn’t intend to pursue the twelve-step route to complete spiritual indoctrination, so I resolved to quit entirely on my own. But I reasoned that such a significant occasion called for a drink, and I wanted that drink to be extraordinary, even unforgettable. My wife grudgingly acceded to my desire for just one more bottle to celebrate my decision, and I began to wander the town looking for that perfect beer . . .
That's just a foretaste, but as noted above, you can read the first 32 pages at the Issuu site.

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