Tuesday, October 02, 2012

More Lindall Illustrations for "Bottomless Bottle of Beer"

Bottomless Beer Scenes
Terrance Lindall

Regular readers have already seen the large image here, but not in this format, with four other scenes shuffled in and Lindall's and my photos superimposed, so I'm offering it today in all its reconstructed complexity for viewing interests.

Incidentally, Lindall's over a decade my senior, but to my great envy, he looks younger than me!

I suppose I ought to mention that this weekend and Monday have been the shifting lunar calendrical time for this year on which has fallen Korea's Chuseok holiday -- the autumn full-moon harvest festival's movable feast -- so we moved ourselves east of Seoul Sunday and hiked up Mt. Cheonma, which rises to over 800 meters from nearly sea level, I suppose. I was feeling my age despite being fit, but we managed to reach the peak! Go here for an official image of the mountain.

Anyway, we survived a mountain that rises to a towering tenth of Everest's height!

Afterwards, I needed a bottomless bottle of beer, but fortunately didn't come across a sample,or any characters associated with one, else I might not be here today. The light-weight, though thirst-quenching, rice-brewed Korean beer Cass Lager accompanying a hearty meal of gamjatang pork stew sufficed on Sunday evening in the town of Hopyeong.

Perhaps some photos to follow tomorrow . . .

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