Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Chuseok Festival - Hiking up Mt. Cheonma

Last Sunday was the Korean Harvest Festival, Chuseok, so my family and I took the day off and hiked up Mt Cheonma, as I've previously mentioned, and as usual, my wife took photos. She's good with a camera, but most of the pictures came out fuzzy, leaving only a few to choose among. The first clear one with a view from a lookout point follows:

Here's another view from a lookout:

The area you're looking at is east of Seoul, by the way. In the next photo, we are nearing the peak, with only 559 meters remaining, albeit steep hiking, sometimes even climbing!

Nearing the top, we saw these lovely evergreen trees, almost like bristlecone pines:

Again an evergreen, plus a view of the valley:

More of a single evergreen -- they don't all resemble bristlecone pines!

Back to bristleconey-type grandeur:

Having reached the top, I pose near the flag, emblem of my flagging energy (and note my Razorbacks shirt):

Here's my daughter, Sa-Rah, relaxing:

You see here a rare photo of my camera-shy wife, Sun-Ae, gazing into the obscure distance on that hazy day:

Here, you find me remonstrating with my son, En-Uk, who hadn't enjoyed those final 559 meters up:

Looking pensive here, and I think you can see the hint of Cherokee in my face:

An artistic rendering with the camera, evidence of my wife's aesthetic eye:

Descending along a different path:

Ah . . . civilization. Or at least a paved road:

Strangeness of the heavens . . . perhaps preparing for their opening on Wednesday, i.e., today:

And no trip into the wilds of Korea would be complete without wildlife:

By then, the day was getting late, so we hurried on to the closest town for a meal of gamjatang and well-earned beer . . . as mentioned in a previous post.

And today is another holiday, so Happy Gaecheonjeol to all . . .

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