Thursday, September 27, 2012

Terrance Lindall - More Art for "The Bottomless Bottle of Beer"

Lilith Awaits
Terrance Lindall

Avant-garde surrealist artist and illustrator Terrance Lindall sent a further installment in the sequence of images depicting scenes from my story "The Bottomless Bottle of Beer."

The scene above, however, won't appear in the short story version to be published this October (2012) in Carter Kaplan's anthology Emanations II, which is using just four of the many images Lindall has already sketched, the remainder to be used in the book version of my story, except (again) for this particular one, which I think Lindall intends to use in an eight-page comics version that he would like to publish in some magazine like Heavy Metal, the very magazine in which I first became acquainted with Lindall's artwork many years ago. But publishing there is not yet certain.

In the scene above, by the way, I like how Hella (aka Lilith) has a quizzical expression on her face, as if asking herself, "Is this naif worth my time?"

I wonder the same, albeit asking if he's worth my readers' time . . . though I certainly hope so. Some people are supportive of Kaplan's project (and by implication my story), as we see from a recent "Interview with author Ruud Antonius" in Books and Writing:
About two years ago I was asked by Carter Kaplan, a professor of the English language in the USA to join the board of editorial advisors of International Authors which is a consortium of writers, artists, architects and critics. They publish works of outstanding merit dedicated to the advancement of an international culture in literature primarily in English. I accepted and was thrilled with the stories in 'Emanations' an anthology edited by Carter. Shortly after that I started writing Son upon Tine, not with the intention of ever having it published. When Carter came over to stay with me in the UK to attend a meeting of International Authors in London we got talking over the piece I was writing and he urged me to finish it. That and meeting up with a bunch of authors on a terrace at St. Pancras station did the trick.
Antonius is also an artist, as you can see here. I haven't seen his story yet, but it'll appear in the same issue of the anthology as mine. I'll keep all of you posted on this anthology as the publication date approaches . . .

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