Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eideticboth's Illustrated Korean Novella in Translation

Neighborhood of Motel East Sea
By Eideticboth
(Copyrighted: Use Only with Permission)

Some of you will recall ´╗┐that I drew attention to a short novella translated from Korean by one of my former students. The story was written by her older sister, and my ex-student asked if I would be willing to take on the job of editing it for English literary style. I was reluctant initially . . . but upon reading a few paragraphs, I realized that the story was of high quality, so I agreed.

The novella, which you can read about on my blog, is titled Hi, I'm a Boy! That's a line from the story, but out of context, it could lead prospective readers to infer that this is a children's story. That would be incorrect -- this is no story for children, but for adults.

That's an unfortunate impression, for the story deserves grown-up readers. The price might seem a bit steep for a novella of around fifty pages at $9.99, but the story is worth the price, in my opinion, especially given the images like the one above, hand-drawn by my ex-student and scanned for use in the book. I learned of these just last week, when my former student visited me during my office hours to talk about a new project. That led me to ask about the old project, and in talking about that, she mentioned the illustrations. I was surprised to hear of those, so she whipped out her smartphone and showed some of them.

I guess I didn't know about these before because she hadn't shown them to me or even mentioned them -- not that I recall -- and when I blogged on the book's availability, I couldn't yet look inside the book at Amazon for some reason, but I now can. So can you, and you can see the images -- at least, four of them anyway, counting the one on the somewhat misleading cover, for that particular image reinforces the impression made by the title that this could be a children's book. The neighborhood image above might have been better for the cover. At any rate, four images are visible at Amazon. The illustrations above and beyond those four are to be found on pages yet hidden from view unless one purchases the book.

You can also read the opening pages, either at my blog entry or at Amazon, to get a better idea of the story's literary worth and whether or not it appeals to you.

Oh, you can also click on the above image to get a close-up -- and if you look carefully, you'll find the protagonist Daniel and his enormous older friend Highboy looking out the window of the Motel East Sea . . .

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