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Tariq Ramadan Sentenced for 'Outrage'

Tariq Ramadan
Guilty of 'Outrage'
(Image from Top Chrétien)

Top Chrétien, an Evangelical Christian website in French, has recently published a report, "Tarik Ramadan condamné à 2.500 euros d'amende pour outrage à agent" (June 6, 2007), informing us that Tariq Ramadan has pleaded guilty to 'outrage' in an airport and been sentenced to pay a 2,500 euro fine:
L'intellectuel musulman Tarik Ramadan a été condamné mercredi par le tribunal correctionnel de Bobigny à 2.500 euros d'amende pour "outrage" pour avoir insulté deux agents de la police aux frontières (PAF) en mars à l'aéroport de Roissy.

Ayant reconnu d'emblée les faits, M. Ramadan, 44 ans, était jugé dans le cadre de la procédure de comparution sur reconnaissance préalable de culpabilité (dite "plaider coupable").

Il s'est présenté accompagné de son avocat. Sa condamnation ne sera pas inscrite au bulletin N.2 (communiqué aux administrations) de son casier judiciaire. La décision a été conforme à la proposition du procureur.

Les deux policiers insultés n'étaient pas présents à l'audience. Ils n'ont pas fait de demande de dommages et intérêts, selon la présidente du tribunal.

L'intellectuel de nationalité suisse avait été placé en garde à vue plusieurs heures le 11 mars après avoir insulté par deux fois une fonctionnaire de la PAF qui lui aurait reproché d'emprunter un itinéraire non autorisé, ainsi qu'un autre agent, dans l'aéroport de Roissy où il était en transit pour Londres.
I'm too lazy to translate this into English, but those who don't know French can copy it from above and paste it here: Google Translator.

Oh, what the hell, I might as well do that myself. To you, from Google:
The Moslem intellectual Tarik Ramadan was condemned Wednesday by the correctional court of Bobigny to 2.500 euros of fine for “insult” to have insulted two policemen at borders (PAF) in March with the airport of Roissy.

Having recognized from the start the facts, Mr. Ramadan, 44 years, was judged within the framework of the procedure of appearance on preliminary recognition of culpability (known as “to plead guilty”).

He presented himself accompanied by his lawyer. Its judgment will not be registered with the N.2 bulletin (communicated with the administrations) of its criminal record. The decision was in conformity with the proposal of the prosecutor.

The two insulted police officers were not present at the audience. They did not make of request for damages, according to the president of the court.

The Swiss intellectual of nationality had been placed in police custody several hours on March 11 after having insulted by twice a civil servant of the PAF which would have reproached him for borrowing an unauthorized route, like another agent, in the airport of Roissy where it was in transit for London.
That's a little bit garbled, but it'll have to do. I woke up late this morning, at 5:30 a.m., and haven't had time for my usual in-depth research prior to posting. I'll get back to a serious report on Ramadan tomorrow, when I hope to rise at my usual hour of 3 a.m., read more of what Paul Berman has to say, and comment on that.

By the way, and speaking personally, I'll grant Ramadan a bit of leeway on his 'outrage' against the two police officers. Anyone about to miss a plane might throw a tantrum. I've not always kept my composure in such situations, so I sympathize with Ramadan on this minor point.

For more on Ramadan's run-in with the authorities, see my earlier blog entries on this:
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That should provide the relevant facts of the case, for those interested in this. For now, I have to get back to marking student essays...



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