Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Disturbing Cartoon

The Sandmonkey posted the above cartoon from ... somewhere. Well, as they say, context is everything, and Jihadi Hajji is neither fooled nor above recycling old comments:

Mr. Cartoonist, you will pay for this!

I do not mean in dollars and cents -- though you will pay that also.

I strive passionately to maintain my mental purity, but you have filled my pure mind with this impure image likening a highly valued prophet (I am not fooled!) to nothing at all ... for which there is no profit, but you will soon come to know the high cost!

You will also suffer for the mental images that I already imagine will appear in my mind. Too late, you will regret and apologize. Indeed, your sin is already written in the great book of death. You would need a time machine to get out of this one, for you would need to apologize yesterday for what you will have done tomorrow!

You should never have done what you intend to do with my mental images, but do not think that it was not foreordained that you would think of doing it and receive the proper punishment for thinking of doing it.

Verily, even thinking that would be a sin. Do not think that I have not thought about that though I have not thought it as you were forethought to have thought it.

I think ...

Anyway ... it's all your fault.

Jihadi Hajji

As they don't say, it'd be true if it weren't so funny! Comments welcome, but do follow up the links first.


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