Friday, January 13, 2006

Hwang Woo Suk Utters Veiled Threat:

"Give me six months and I'll do it again, Hwang said."

Thanks for the warning, Dr. Hwang, but we'd pretty much already figured out that you'd cheat again.

Yes, that quote above was the actual caption -- appearing with big bold letters -- to a photo of proven fraud Hwang Woo Suk in the hard-copy issue of the JoongAng Daily for January 13, 2006.

The hard-copy issue showed a close-up of Hwang with his index finger raised to make his point emphatic. Unfortunately, the online issue has only the photo pasted above, but if anyone knows of an online copy of the photo with the emphatic finger (reminiscent of Bill Clinton's famous finger of truth), then I'll replace this one here with the better one.


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