Sunday, July 03, 2005

Civilizational Fault Lines Analyzed

An article on the Huntington "clash of civilization" thesis within the context of East Asia, written by me and my friend Myongsob Kim, of Yonsei University, will soon appear in the June 2005 edition of Issues & Studies:

On Huntington's Civilizational Paradigm: A Reappraisal

This is such 'breaking news' that as of today (July 3), the link to our abstract still isn't working. You're probably wondering why I use the future tense "will soon appear" to refer to the "June 2005" edition since we're already into July 2005.

Good wonderment.

The short answer is that this happens all the time in the scholarly world. The long answer is . . . I don't know the long answer. (Hmmm . . . my long answer is even four words briefer than my short answer.)

For the curious among you harboring other wonderments, Issues & Studies is published by the Institute of International Relations at Taiwan's National Chengchi University.


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