Thursday, May 26, 2005

Breedlove Begets Quadruplets!

According to this report from Houston, a certain Breedlove "has given birth to a set of rare identical quadruplets, conceived without fertility drugs or in vitro fertilization."

No father is mentioned, but I suppose that one exists, assuming that this isn't a case of parthenogenesis.

Anyway, it's heartening to see that Mother Nature is still striving to outdo the medical profession and genetic engineers, but ultimately, hers is a fruitless task. Everywhere, it seems, human beings are outdoing nature.

For example, the coldest spot in the universe is found at the University of Colorado, in Boulder, where -- courtesy of the Physics Department's friendly physicists, specifically Cornell and Wieman -- temperatures have dropped as low as "a few billionths (0.000,000,001) of a degree above Absolute Zero!"

This is far colder than the approximately 3 degrees above Absolute Zero of deep space and even colder than a winter in Duluth, Minnesota or a summer in San Francisco. Nature on her own can't chill out any further due to heat left over from the Big Bang.

That's what I learned at Wieman's Tuesday lecture.


At 9:53 AM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

It was a good, informative lecture that used interactive graphics well. You can find them at one of the links, too.


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