Wednesday, September 01, 2021

My Spirit Lingers On . . .

One of the GLEO staff at Ewha sent me an email concerning my ghost and its haunting of my old office:

I am writing to you to ask you about the leftover materials in your office (B124).

We found some books and different papers and letters there.

Would you like to come take the stuff or have us discard it safely?

I still have books and things in my office? The staff want the stuff taken away or discarded safely? I'm sure I cleaned out my office when I notified the administration in June. Yet, the office staff say books, papers, and letters are still there? And the staff say that the stuff needs to be discarded 'safely'? 

I must have had a real presence in the intellectual nourishment that I provided . . .

Actually, I know what's going on with the stuff. It 'belongs' to a woman who intended to teach for a year at Ewha, sharing my office. That was her plan, but she wasn't satisfied with the way she was treated at Ewha. Something about teaching only four courses when five were required, and she felt that the university was blaming her. One day, she was gone.

Her ghost is the one haunting my old office. An 'angry' ghost, no less! No wonder the staff want the stuff discarded 'safely'!

Actually, the staff probably mean "securely," i.e., according to legal procedures, if need be. This doesn't concern me.


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