Wednesday, August 25, 2021

As far as I can recall . . .

Some tall tales and legends grew up about me during my years at Baylor, and an old Baylor friend recently asked me if any were true. As one might expect, such stories are only partly true.

Somebody claimed I'd been seen reading Nietzsche while doing a one-armed push-up. I've never succeeded in a one-armed push-up, try though I might, but I might have managed reading while doing a two-armed push-up. Maybe I was striving to reach Uebermensch status.

I was asked if I ridden my bicycle from Arkansas to Baylor the fall semester my freshman year. I did indeed ride my bicycle to Baylor, but at the beginning of my Sophomore year, and I began in Talequah, Oklahoma. I traveled about 100 miles per day, adding up to about 500 miles (or fewer).

As for sleeping in my library cubical to save money, I considered that but decided against it. I might have tried it one night, but I think that's my imagination.

Here's one thing that did happen.

I was alone in the gymnasium close to Penland Cafeteria practicing my basketball skills, and for some reason, I was doing really well, shooting three-pointers, catching my rebounds above the goal and slamming down two-handed dunks, jumping up with my back to the goal and turning in midair to shoot from the top of the key. I imagined I was pro material!

I paused a moment to consider my next move.

Before I could decide anything, loud applause broke out from the bleachers at the other end of the gym. I turned to see what was happening. There, standing and applauding loudly and sustained, was the entire Baylor girl's basketball team, cheering me on in my flights of fancy. What could I do but take a bow, say thank-you, and exit, stage right.

Something else happened some other time, too, but I can't remember what . . .


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