Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Rhinostriches Locked Up

Another of Meinong's impossible creatures, but I didn't know he has a chain of zoos!

Rhinostriches, Rhinostriches

Rhinostriches are truly weird creatures.
They fan fannies like hippos in tutus,
but haven't got the really right features.
They belong in Meinong's chain of famous zoos.

I've never seen a rhinost bull or cow.
I must admit, I hope to never see one.
But I can tell you any way or how,
I'd rather see not anyone come be one.

When I was only six or so, there was a girl next door and another across the street who were cousins and played together a lot. They liked the purple cow rhyme and would chant it as we waited for the school bus. This got on the nerves of my older brother (one year older), so immediately after they'd recited the last line, "I'd rather see than be one," he'd retort, "I wouldn't. I'd rather be a purple cow!" That made them so angry. "No, you'd rather SEE one!" they'd insist. I had to laugh.


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