Friday, September 04, 2020


On the other hand, concerning my Pynchon poem of yesterday, the man Pynchon, currently 83 years old (born May 8, 1937), might not wish to be reminded of "oblivion."

There's a bit of irony in the thought of being reminded of oblivion, for the word means forgetfulness. "I am reminded," the old fellow mused, "of my forgetfulness."

By the way, I had forgotten that Pynchon published another novel, Bleeding Edge, on September 17, 2013. Or did I simply not hear of it in the first place? That seems unlikely, since I've long enjoyed Pynchon and have kept track of the man and his writing, despite finding some of his quirkiness quirky.

Should I read Bleeding Edge?

Yes. Sometime. But not yet.


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