Saturday, July 18, 2020

Emna Charqui's so-called "Sardonic Verses"

Jihad Watch reports Emna Charqui, a blogger in Tunisia, sentenced to six months in prison for a satirical post about Covid-19 written in a Koranic style. Below is an imaginative reconstruction, though written more in the biblical style of the King James Version, borrowed from here.

Here are Emna Charqui's so-called "Sardonic Verses": 

A-Lot saith: 

"And if thou disbelieve'st these verses, 
they become viruses versus thee! 
Many disbelieved in the past - 
not that they disbelieved in the past - 
nay, they did not doubt the past, 
the reality of the past, I mean. 
Rather, they disbelieved A-Lot and her Epistle. 
And their disbelief became 
a pandemic of pantheistic pandaemonianism! 
And they all died a death! 
And that death was great! 
No, I do not mean that it was wonderful. 
Pay attention! I mean many! 
In fact, all! They are all dead! 
Or most of them. 
Of the recent past, some are still living. 
So far. 
But Judgement Day is nigh. 
On that day - as I was saying - 
these verses will become viruses versus thee, 
every one of thee! 
And each verse shall stand up 
and proclaim thee a disbeliever 
who must die the second death. 
And great will be that death! 
Yes, great meaning many. I said that before. 
Don't interrupt. I, A-Lot, hate interruptions!" 

That's it. Emna Charqui's full text. Translated, of course. It's on the internet. I'll look for a link. 


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