Monday, January 20, 2020

Famous Last Words

This entry was originally a lowly comment, but I want to make sure that those interested see it, so I've upgraded it to blog entry status:
The argument continues here, and I've finally had the time to read the arguments more closely. As I've noted earlier, I think slowly and type even more slowly. I therefore also have to read slowly. I guess I'm just getting old . . .

Anyway, Kevin has the numbers to show that "but for me" not only occurs, it predominates over "but as for me," and since I'm not quite the prescriptivist Kevin takes me for, I concede the point: "but for me" is acceptable usage.

(I am prescriptive on "ain't," however. As the contraction of "am not," "ain't" is perfectly acceptable. It should not be used, though, as the contraction for any of the other five common conjugational 'spaces'.)

Incidentally, Kevin pointed to a meaning that "but for me" can express: "if not for me." I was going to note this point, but upon reading every word of the various entries (linking gets complicated), I see that Kevin covered it. This meaning of "but for me" depends upon the information that follows. This ambiguity, which is rather strongly imprinted on my mind, led to my initial question, I now think, though I only cottoned onto this point when I finally had time to think and write.

As I grow older, I'd probably best keep me grammar to meself . . .
That was my final comment on the use of "but for me," versus "but as for me," except to say that my motives in asking about grammar have always been benign.



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