Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Dog Days of War

Dogs: Wikipedia

Yesterday, I was asked by a certain Ms. Lynn Rosa to comment on Dog Wars:
Hello is it possible to speak with you regarding Korea and some health issues relating to the eating of dogs? Thanks, we are making a documentary on this topic, Dog Wars. I am the executive producer, Lynn Rosa... Thank you!
I replied:
Dear Ms. Lynn Rosa, I think that I am too ignorant of the Korean dog meat industry to add anything substantive to the debate. I am on the side of the dogs, of course. I know that some Korean men think that eating dog soup provides them with energy, particularly sexual energy. I know that this is nonsense, and the belief that beating the dog to death increases the energy is evil nonsense. Some Koreans have told me that dog meat is easier to digest because dogs and humans are more closely related than, say, cattle and humans. I tell them that if this is true, then dog meat is more dangerous to eat since we - dogs and humans - share too many similar pathogens. Beyond what I've posted here today, I know nothing.
I suppose Ms. Rosa will find her expert somehow or other, but not through me, unfortunately.



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