Monday, April 29, 2019

Article on Don Quixote's Mole: Two Citations

Don Quixote
By Honoré Daumier

Here is my article on Don Quixote - ten years ago!
Cervantes: Bulletin of the Cervantes Society of America. Fall 2009 Horace Jeffery Hodges ... journal, Cervantes 28.2 (Fall, 2008): "Our cover sports another of Jack Davis' illustrations from our bi-lingual Children's Don Quixote."] ...
And here are two citations:
Why You Can't Believe the Arabian Historian Cide Hamete ... - Jstor  by NF HERMES - ‎2014 - ‎Related articles hereafter Don Quixote - as the perfect model of a "pivotal text," that is "prescient in its formulation of the .... Horace Jeffery Hodges in turn notes that "Cervantes ...

The Conversos and Moriscos in Late Medieval Spain and Beyond, Volume ...  Kevin Ingram, ‎Juan Ignacio Pulido Serrano - 2015 - ‎Religion Don Quixote's identity and valor depend on a mole on his right side under the left shoulder, the mark of a strong man. Horace Jeffery Hodges saw that this ...
There are actually a couple more citations but again not easy to cut and paste.

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