Sunday, March 24, 2019

How Many Homi?


Here's a report by Kim Yoon-ho and Jung Myung-suk from the JoongAng Daily about a "Traditional Korean hoe [that] is a surprise international success" (March 23-24, 2019). The blacksmith Seok No-ki, who makes the hoe, is an overnight success, to use a cliché that's actually accurate this time.

This special gardening tool, pictured above, is called a "homi," and it has become very popular in the West over the past few years because its curved shape puts less strain on the wrist -- even if more strain is sometimes put upon the imagination, for example:
Seok's homi are 100 percent hand-made. If one or two of his neighbors in their 70s help, he can make up to 120 a day, while alone he can produce around 60. It takes about 30 minutes to make one.
So . . . working alone will have him making 60 per day. He's also said to be able to make one every 30 minutes working alone. That's two per hour working alone. If he worked alone a full 24 hours, he'd make . . .

You do the math.



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