Thursday, March 28, 2019

Advice for John Walker Lindh: Don't Quit Your Day Job!

According to Memri (March 22, 2019), the American citizen and Taliban soldier John Walker Lindh will be released from prison in May, when his approximately 20-year sentence ends. During his incarceration, he has composed at least three poems . . . sort of. I've copied a stanza and pasted it here:
The Ballad Of The Fleas

For wolves may foam and bark and bite
And gnash and gnaw and hiss
But if a sheep should dare bite back
He'd be a terrorist
Most of the stanzas just go on and on like this one, and some are inadvertently funny. Lindh also sometimes misses the right term, e.g., "terrorist" doesn't really rhyme with "hiss."

Lindh isn't truly a poet, but with a lot of effort, he might become a versifier, especially if he aims at humor.

Except, as Khomeini reminded us, Islam is dead serious.



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