Sunday, February 10, 2019

"Serafim Rostiw": For A Name Angelic Is A Name To Trust!

Bloat Flab

This writing advertisement - note the links - appeared in the comment space of a prior blogpost, but I so appreciated its inadvertent irony that I just had to re-post it as a blogpost itself:
Serafim Rostiw said . . .

We are a reputable writing company mental health argumentative essay of international experience with creation of different types of essays for students of all levels of education. We have a team of professional writers of all possible scientific areas. That is why our agency is always confident about our essays being of the top quality. The assignments we provide for our customers always contain relevant information and facts.

Due to a number of factors, the mental medicine is nowadays one of extremely popular scientific directions as long as scientists from all over the world explore the reasons for psychological problems, mental health argumentative essay, and the ways to overcome and treat them. People’s psychological peculiarities, behavior, and reactions to various factors and circumstances are under discussion and are carefully examined.
Look carefully at the first part of the first paragraph's first sentence. Basically, it says "We are an essay." Look even more closely at the latter part of the second paragraph's first sentence, and you will find that it presents an essay as the equivalent of a psychological problem to be treated and overcome.

If you remove the linked phrases (the underlined ones), the absurdity is removed, but what remain are two flabby paragraphs.

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