Sunday, January 06, 2019

"Former FSC chair believes Koreans have mighty DNA"

Korean's Mighty DNA! Need I say more? But if more is needed, click on Hong Byeong-gee's JoongAng interview with Kim Seok-dong (please, no funny-name jokes) for the latter's views on:
"[T]he DNA with which Koreans' unique temperament is embedded [is mighty], because [t]hanks to this DNA, within less than 60 years, Korea became a great economic power in the world . . . . [and] I want to inform the [younger] generation about how great our country and our DNA is in order to become a world-class citizen competing in this world."
People don't generally talk about their DNA in this way if they're referring to genetics. This sounds more like the metaphorical use of the term, as in reference to a company's DNA. But who knows what Kim Seok-dong really meant.



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