Thursday, January 24, 2019

Blue Skies, Smiling at 'We'

The Clearing

We take daily walks, my wife and I, perambulations upon a nearby hill, Bonghwasan - the final syllable "san" meaning "mountain," thus Bonghwa Mountain - but this one, as already said, is just a hill, although a large hill, and that aforementioned mountain walk is therefore just a hill-hike, but the plethora of lengthy trails leads us to always something new.

This photo is from the flat, observational area at the top of the huge hill, Bonghwasan, where we stood still, staring into the boundless skies with our 180-degree-tilted-back heads, trying to see if the large black birds that sometimes fluttered or glided across our blue vision were crows or ravens.

From their raucous caws and tail feathers that formed no wedge, I concluded crows.



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