Thursday, August 02, 2018

Poetry Break: Writer's Block Re-View

Writer's Sphere:
When Ideas Just Won't

Here's a little poem that might not work because I had to invent one or two words to complete it:
Writer's Block Re-View
I can neither rhyme nor reason
my way through more than one season
of the many that passed my way
to bring me to review this day

your book. That work was over-long
in reaching me. It was too strong-
ly bound to fall apart, so it,
physi-scellanic, did not split.

I should be writing pertnear all
of what I owe you for your call-
ing out to me to answer you,
but writer's block stops my review.
Does that work for all you'uns out there in Internet-of-Things Land? Is "pertnear" allowed, or is my dialect unbefitting here? Consider this a poem in process . . .



At 10:05 AM, Blogger Carter Kaplan said...

I have written a blog post directing readers to this blog post so they can read your poem about having writer's block while you were writing a review of Vitasta Raina's Writer's Block, which you posted to your blog.


At 12:07 PM, Blogger Horace Jeffery Hodges said...

Did I do all that?

Jeffery Hodges

* * *


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