Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Islamic Voice on Jihad

On July 26, 2018, Memri reported that on Telegram, "Jihadis Release[d An] English Book Sanctioning ‎Attacks In [The] West, Calling Muslims There To Focus On ‎Military, Law Enforcement, Political, [And] Economic Targets," arguing that aggressive jihad is not a distortion of Islam but one of its highest endeavors:
Much has been said about 'Islamic terrorism' in light of recent attacks in the West, targeting the US, Britain, France, and a number of other European countries. Western politicians and commentators appear to have reached a consensus that such 'barbaric' attacks have nothing to do with Islam and are the sole actions of a small group of extremists, bent on distorting the religion of Islam to justify their actions. Indeed, many Muslims also echo these sentiments, stating unequivocally that these 'actions, and individuals have nothing to do with Islam,' effectively reinforcing the Western narrative. However, this discourse seems to ignore one important voice – Islam's. Western governments and media has [sic have] for a number of years attempted to dictate to Muslims what Islam is, or should be – A version of Islam compatible with western [sic Western] ideals, principles, and (global) interests. Unfortunately, many Muslims, especially in the West, have become confused with these conflicting narratives – that of the West's, and that of Islam's. Consequently, many are now in doubt as to what the 'Islamic perspective' is on a range of contemporary (and some old) issues faced by Muslims in the twenty-first century, with one such issue being that of Jihad.
The voice of Islam that expresses itself here goes deep into the Islamic sources to justify an aggressive jihad against the West. This fits my argument that Islamism is not extremism, but is, rather, radicalism at the root of Islam.

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