Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Graduation: Off We Went . . .

My old friend Mike Hubbeling has shown up to leave messages a couple of times on my blog this past year, but I didn't manage to locate him on the internet until yesterday.

He and I became acquainted at Baylor, mostly through the NoZe Brotherhood, to which we both belonged, but we lost contact after graduating, and went off in different directions, as described below in Hubbeling's account of what he did next:
I grew up in the too-small-for-a-stoplight town of Pomeroy, Iowa. Presented with three free choices for where to send my ACT scores, I puzzled over what to put beside Iowa and Iowa State, and thus ended up attending Baylor. I was an odd mix of practical and not-so-much in college, as I got a business degree, but spent my idle hours being a Noze Brother. That's a traditionally irreligious, irreverent secret society for those unfamiliar.

I moved to Houston after graduation, as in 1980 that was perhaps the only place to easily find employment. The job there with Arthur Andersen was an odd fit, but the obvious upside was that it put me in place to meet, and eventually, marry Teri. We moved to Austin, had fine, upstanding, well-paid jobs for a while, and walked away. Had two girls and found that to be the best idea ever. We spent 20 years making plates, sometimes for the rich and famous, but usually for whoever liked them. We produced 2 National Merit Scholars whilst home schooling. We have done a fair bit of ranch work, some of which will be reflected in the posts to this site.
Very interesting. Particularly the effectiveness at homeschooling! Way beyond my effectiveness! Anyway, if you want more familiarity with Mike and Teri's ceramic artwork plates and such, then visit a few websites they use to show their art, such as this one for Teri (ceramics) and this one for Mike (ceramics).

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