Thursday, October 05, 2017

Clowning Around Cloning Old NoZe Brothers' Relics

The NoZe Brotherhood, an underground satirical organization that I belonged to as a student at Baylor University, appears to be re-energizing, and older members are sending around emails of their own days of glory. Brother Blow NoZe sent around an email describing the glory of an unauthorized "Nose Brotherhood" decal with the original word "Nose" rather than the more postmodern "NoZe":
As you probably remember, the Baylor Book Store sold club decals, and they even had one for the Nose Brotherhood, complete with ancient spelling. I never took one to the cashier and bought it, for obvious reasons. I did swipe one or two and displayed one of them prominently on my hat, which was made out of black poster board. The hat has long since disintegrated, but I've always kept the tattered front part with the decal on it.
See decals in use below:

Decal on Car Window

Decal on Hat Fragment
Anyway, Brother Blow NoZe's remarks raised a question in my mind:
You mean, at a time when Noble NoZe members were being threatened with arrest and expulsion if caught on campus, Baylor University was actually making money off our copyrighted image?

We do have copyright, don't we?

If we don't, we should get it.
But who am I to raise such a question? I can't have been a true NoZe Brother - nobody voted for me.  Or so they all say. But that has also to have been the case with the original Nose Brother. Nobody voted for him, either. Nobody qualified, anyway, for he was (putatively) the first Nose Brother.

Clearly a chicken-and-egg issue . . .

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