Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The Bottomless Bottle of Beer is an E-TEXT!

I recently had contact with an old friend in Spain, and we did some catching up on literary topics . . . ahem, I mean my books:
Did you ever have a chance to read my story? You can have a free preview:
The Bottomless Bottle of Beer
I'll soon have a book of poems published. Then a second story.
My friend, referring to my first book - The Bottomless Bottle of Beer - informs me:
I actually ordered your story from Amazon. But it never made it to me. Do you have a digital copy?

Looking forward to your poems... and [your second] story. Will it be a bestseller?
I replied:
As for ordering my story - you do realize it's only an e-text, don't you? Amazon offers a free app for downloading the book. There's no waiting. You don't need a Kindle reader, either, for you can download onto any device, from smartphone to desktop.

I do have a digital version since that's the only one that exists, but I can't share it since the software prevents that.

Bestseller? I can only dream . . .
Anyway, this email conversation revealed a misunderstanding that could be shared by others who have tried without success to order a hard copy. Let me therefore make clear: The Bottomless Bottle of Beer is only an e-text.

Why? The many colorful illustrations would raise the cost of a hard copy tenfold or more.



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