Sunday, March 26, 2017

A Perfectly Imperfect Waffle!

Photo of a Waffle

If you look closely and think imaginatively, then you might 'see' that this waffle was desperately trying to escape the intensely hot waffle iron by vainly stretching its tentacles to the left.

By "vainly," I do not intend any hint of vanity in the sense of an overvalued self-regard; rather, I mean "vainly" in vanity's nugatory sense of hopelessness.

If I were punning, however, I would waffle on both meanings:
A pun, my word:
There is no third
sense in this vain
search for a plain
sense of the term
to turn the worm,
for vain doth boast
both least and most.
Now, that's a stout little trite bit of self-consciously badly versified doggerel! I'm real proud.



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