Monday, February 20, 2017

Glen David Gold: Carter Beats The Devil

I recently read the above book, first published in 2001 but unnoticed by me as my attention was on a different diabolical scheme. The story is loosely based on the career of the magician Charles Joseph Carter (1874–1936) and is a "historical mystery thriller," as Wikipedia too helpfully points out (since I could have figured that out myself).

I'd give it five stars, for the twists in the tale repeatedly surprised me through the literary equivalent of a magician's misdirection. Wondering if any other readers had noticed this (and hoping none had so that I could write an article on it), I Google-searched and found that hundreds had preceded me . . .

So much for me thinking I'm peculiarly insightful. But I won't give away any plot spoilers since I wouldn't want any, either . . . so you'll likely be utterly astonished when hordes of extraterrestrial aliens invade the earth through an intergalactic wormhole and the Devil steps forth as champion of all mankind! I'd certainly be astonished at such a twist in the plot unless somebody were to let the cat out of the bag as a plot spoiler!

Oops . . . sorry about that.



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