Monday, February 13, 2017

Abu Al-Qassem Al-Suri: Former ISIS Emir in Charge of Weapon Depots Speaks his Mind

Memri TV informs us (Clip No. 5884) that the "Former ISIS Emir in Charge of Weapon Depots" says that "Corruption, Military Defeats, and Al-Baghdadi's Disappearance Have Demoralized Members" of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria), which is good news to those of us who keep up with the news about Islamism. Here are more details:
In an interview broadcast in installments on AlaanTV, Abu Al-Qassem Al-Suri, the ISIS Emir in charge of weapon depots in Syria and Iraq who defected from the organization, talked about Al-Baghdadi's disappearance from the scene, the consequent uncertainty about the leadership, and the demoralization felt among ISIS members, commanders, and emirs. Everybody in ISIS knows that the organization is "on its way to perdition," he said. "There are no victories, no conquests. Nothing but defeat, defeat, and more defeat."
That sounds good . . . but the next doesn't:
On the issue of chemical weapons, Al-Suri said that ISIS had obtained "considerable quantities" of sarin, chlorine, and mustard gas from Tel Afar and was carrying out experiments in the Mosul University labs to develop chemical weapons.
Ugh. Not good. But the next point is again good news:
Talking about the drop in oil revenues, he said that this had led ISIS to raise the zakkat and that it imposed taxes on trucks carrying supplies and forced wealthy traders to cover the costs of battles.
Good. Overtaxing the populace is an excellent way to lose support!
In another installment, he said that the burning alive of Jordanian pilot Muath Al-Kasasbeh had been a "mistake" that ISIS regrets, a "major turning-point" that "changed the way many people viewed the Caliphate."
The reason for the loss of support was that there are some hadith that tell Muslims not to kill with fire, for that is Allah's prerogative, namely, to burn unbelievers in the fires of Hell. Al-Suri's final remark is a bit puzzling:
"The [Islamic] State is nothing but a racist militia," Al-Suri said.
Racist? So all that talk about the brotherhood of all Muslims didn't pan out? Were the foreign fighters mistreated? Anyone know?



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