Saturday, November 05, 2016

My Own Little Magnum Opus: The Bottomless Bottle of Beer

Ms. Yukyung Lee, a graduate student in English literature here at Ewha Womans University, read my novella and wrote to express her evaluation, "a great story":
I read your story - The Bottomless Bottle of Beer. It was so much fun! I think there are lots of stories (like Paradise Lost) that you have put underneath the storyline, so I'm pretty sure I couldn't understand all of those complex beauties of your story, but I loved it anyways.

In fact, I couldn't get to sleep until late at night because I couldn't stop reading it . . .

And I noticed the wife of the main character has black hair in the illustration. Did the illustrator draw the characters based on your real life? I thought that was cool.

Anyways, thank you for . . . a great story.
Ms. Lee is right to suspect "lots of stories" underlie the BBB, and also right about the BBB wife being based partly on my own wife. Anyway, thank you, Ms. Lee, for your positive words about my story!

Since she judges my story "great," I'm including it on my list of books that simply must be read!



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