Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Class Reunion 2016: Pamela Corsaut and Anita May

Pamela Corsaut and Anita May

My high school class had another reunion this past summer of 2016, which I didn't attend because I can't afford to go each year, so I'm saving up money and energy for the 2025 reunion, when we'll celebrate the 50th anniversary of our graduation. Meanwhile, I'm being kept within the loop. For instance, my old classmate Jimmie Jones sent the photo above - along with a hundred more, on a USB! By snailmail! Which was quite a touching gesture in our digital times. Thanks, Jimmie!

Anyway, the two ladies above are Pamela and Anita, and I chose their photo because they have such genuine smiles and such striking eyes - especially Pamela, I must say. The last time I saw Pamela, she was heading for Florida. She used to introduce herself with the invitation to pronounce her family name either "Core-saw" or "Core-sawt." I compromised and called her "Pamela."

Readers will recall that I've encountered problems with my middle name, "Jeffery," which has regularly been misspelled as "Jeffrey" - and often still is! So, I empathize with folks who have problematic names.

If you two ladies happen by this blog post, here's a big "Hello" to both of you - and be sure to greet everyone else who made the party . . . and even those who didn't.



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