Friday, September 30, 2016

Egyptian TV host Hani Al-Nahhas Supports Assassination of Jordanian Writer Nahed Hattar,

Hani Al-Nahhas
Supports Murder of Nahed Hattar

We now have 'respectable' men supporting extrajudicial punishment for those who 'blaspheme.' Memri informs us in Clip No. 5697 (September 26, 2016) that:
Egyptian TV host Hani Al-Nahhas declared that he supported the assassination of Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar, who was due to have stood trial for blasphemy following his posting of a cartoon online. Al-Nahhas said that blasphemy does not constitute freedom of speech and that Hattar would stand trial in "God's court."
Al-Nahhas expressed his opinion live on the Egyptian Alhadas Elyoum TV. Click for the video, for the transcript, and for an article on the original offense.



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